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Established back in 2006, Gap Year Diver does more than specialise in internationally recognised PADI courses. Our expeditions have been carefully designed for gap year students and career breakers alike to combine adventure, culture, life experiences and underwater scuba diving experiences that you'll remember forever.

Whether you’re after a learn-to-dive trip or a professional scuba diving qualification, our expeditions are designed for beginners as well as those with previous diving experience. 

If you’re looking for something more specialised, we also cater for individuals who wish to combine diving with other learning and adventure activities. Get involved with marine conservation, dive with sharks, explore wrecks or explore a country with adventure and diving! There are loads of different trips on offer.

Diving remains one of the fastest growing activity sports in the world and there is so much to see and learn as a diver. We do hope you find an expedition of interest. If you don’t, please let us know what you would like so that we can continue to develop inspirational trips.

Personal Service

We're a small and bespoke travel provider. We've been offering carefully selected gap year trips since 2006 and we constantly strive to provide a friendly and professional service. 

With just a few of us in the office we try to spend time learning about each customer's background and their diving interests. Having this personal touch allows us to fine-tune expeditions according to each customer's requirements but it also keeps things relatively informal and relaxed. 

Feel free to call the office during opening times or get online for a chat with anyone from the team. We love hearing from old customers and we look forward to chatting with new ones any time soon...

Peace of Mind

The great advantage of our trips is that you don't have to worry about the things that could occur when trying to organise your own trip. You might be asking yourself:

  • Is the dive centre is safe? 
  • If I pay will my space be guaranteed? Where does my money go?
  • Is the compressed air of a good quality? 
  • Is dive equipment maintained to a high standadrd?
  • Is it safe to visit X and in-country to do X?
  • How do I get from the airport to X?
  • Who can look after me if I am really ill or get DCS?
  • Is my money financially protected? Can I trust this foreign company with 000's of pounds?

All these sorts of things we address and deal with for you so that you don't have to worry about the more serious issues when it comes to travelling to a foreign country. Most inherent risks are also addressed within our risk assessments and our expeditions have been carefully vetted to ensure that they are suitable for gap year travellers and that our customers have a fun and safe time!

Bear in mind that it's very easy for a company to call something 'gap year ...', but do they really provide UK service and support, financial protection, liability insurance, personal guarantees and service etc?? All our customers are cared for before, during and after their expedition to ensure placements run smoothly and that people return home happy :)

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New website 2013-2014

New website 2013-2014

29 July 2013 We have changed things around for 2013/2014 in terms of operations and expeditions. We have therefore introduced a new website for these trips.

Discounted diving equipment

Discounted diving equipment

23 July 2013 We have teamed-up with a UK dive centre to provide discounted dive equipment packages and special promo codes for our customers.

Dive Level Chart

Dive Level Chart

22 July 2013 Dive tables for each expedition so you can clearly see what is available according to your dive level.



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