Customer Safety

  • Ensuring a safe gap year experience.


Safety Reviews

The health and safety of all our participants is paramount and we have taken suitable steps and precautions to ensure our customers remain safe whilst abroad. As part of our efforts we conduct in-house safety reviews and we have also consulted Covert Protection Ltd regarding risks and crisis management. We also closely monitor Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice issued through the FCO website.


We have risk assessments on file for each of the destinations in which we operate. All aspects of our programmes, from transfers to diving are reviewed on an on-going basis and we also ensure that customers are suitably briefed prior to each dive.

Crisis Management

We have crisis management plans in place. In the unlikely event of an accident, diving incident or public incident within the country you are visiting, we have set protocols in place to ensure the right people are contacted and that any crisis is managed proficiently.

24/7 Assistance

When you travel with us we ensure that you are safe and comfortable during your placement. We have a 24-hour UK landline for emergencies which gets re-directed to a mobile outside office hours. We also have English speaking ground staff, medical staff and representatives in each country.


Although unlikely, we have checked to make sure decompression treatment is readily accessible in each of the countries in which we operate. We also ensure that all destinations have on-site medical staff (fully trained and qualified) and that first-aid and oxygen leave with each dive in case of an emergency.


We act as an 'introducer' for Dive Master Insurance Consultants. The company offers an International Diving Emergency Card (IDEC) as part of their policies which ensures you receive treatment for any diving related illness anywhere in the world. Our customers receive a 5% discount on any of their insurance policies.*

* updated 14th November 2011 - link available after booking received.

Other specialist diving insurance companies include DAN Insurance and Westfield Insurance.

Diving Health

If you book a scuba diving trip with Gap Year Diver, you will have to complete a PADI medical form before you depart. The form consists of a series of medical questions to assess your medical suitability to dive.

The form is available for download after you book your place. It is very important that you read the information carefully in plenty of time before you travel as your answers will determine whether you are able to dive!

If on reading the form you answer NO to all of the questions, you are deemed fit to dive and need not take any further action. If on reading the form you answer YES to any of the questions, you may still be able to dive but you must take the form to your doctor prior to travel. Depending on the medical condition, your GP may be able to provide you with a letter supporting your medical suitability to dive. If there is any doubt about your ability to dive, your GP should refer you to a specialist in diving medicine (we recommend the London Diving Chamber)

Please call the GYD Team on 0845 257 3292 if you have any questions. If you would like to download a form to see the questions now, please use the link below.

Useful Links

 London Diving Chamber
 HSE Approved medical examiners
 Is it safe for me to go diving? (NHS)
 Diving with medical issues (Safe Travel

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