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  • Learn about Biorock Technology and creating artificial reefs
  • Tropical diving conditions and great drift dives
  • PADI training and numerous optional excursions

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  • Island Paradise

    Island Paradise

  • Biorock Work

    Biorock Work

  • DM Trainees

    DM Trainees

  • Lowering Biorock into position

    Lowering Biorock into position

  • Beach Clean-up

    Beach Clean-up

  • Funky Biorock!

    Funky Biorock!

  • To the water with new Biorock

    To the water with new Biorock

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    Manta Ray

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    Relaxed Learning

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    Beautiful Location

Overview / Summary

Biorock Conservation and PADI Training

The expedition is designed for gap year students, university students seeking thesis and dissertation topics, those on career breaks and anyone who is interested in more than the average holiday!

The project combines PADI training with a Biorock Speciality course and enables students to get hands-on conservation experience and to build a biorock structure over a 4-week period. Around the training there is ample time to explore the marine environment on fun dives and there are numerous bolt-ons and extensions available to maximise your time and experience in 'epic Indonesia'!

Trip Components

We have our 'core package' which should be suitable for most diving abilities. We also offer a range of 'bolt-ons' so that you can make the most of the experience and hone in on areas that interest you most.

Biorock Conservation and PADI Training
Base Price: £1,755
Base Duration: 4 weeks
Suitability: All Levels

Why are you needed?

Large areas of coral and reef have been destroyed by illegal dynamite fishing. El Nino and high water temparatures have also resulted in coral being bleached and becoming very brittle. As a result the reefs are in need of regeneration to stimulate coral growth in the area. 

With biorocks it is possible to facilitate coral growth. These structures provide a mechanism for corals to grow up to three times faster than on their own in the ocean. This obviously enables the reefs to regenerate a lot faster and provides a better eco-system in the Gili Islands.

The aim for our customers s is to extend the biorock structures in the area so that the Gili Islands become a global centre for coral research and re-growth.

What will you learn?

The Biorock® Process Specialty Course teaches divers about coral ecology and the importance of coral reefs within the marine environment. It is designed to raise student’s awareness towards the general state of coral reefs world wide and the need for responsible behavior in order to protect the remaining healthy reefs. In addition, this specialty course introduces divers to the Biorock® Technology and allows divers develop the necessary skills and knowledge to identify coral damaged areas, the cause of coral destruction and the use of Biorock® for coral resurrection and erosion prevention.

Dive Training

We like to get people trained to a minimum of Advanced Open Water with peak performance buoyancy experience before starting the Biorock phase. This normally means that PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water training happen in week 1 with further training such as EFR and Rescue Diver in week 4. If you've already got a qualification then your time will be spent on exploratory dives before the Biorock construction or on additional conservation dives after the Biorock phase in weeks 2 and 3.

Guideline table showing what diving is available to you during the trip according to your current level. = recommended diving activitiy and included as standard. = possibility to complete if exchanged with other courses / recreational diving. = Available as extension - see bolt-ons. = Not available.
Dive Activity Beginner Open Water Advanced Rescue +
Open Water
Advanced OW
First Aid Course (call)
Rescue Diver
PADI Specs. / Available to bolt-on / exchange
Fun Dives Plenty of fun dives around conservation / training
Divemaster Available to bolt-on

More PADI courses

If you really want to develop your diving skills further then we strongly recommend that you extend your stay by 6 weeks and complete the PADI Divemaster internship. Everyone who has done it with us has succeeded and you get unlimited diving which provides many more unforgettable diving experiences.

And don't forget...

Be sure to check-out our bolt-ons if you wish to improve your diving and don't forget to download the handbook for this programme which contains additional information about the programme, courses and available bolt-ons.

A tip!

These are the bolt-ons for this diving expedition. These can be added to the core package when you confirm a place on the trip. If you have any questions about these trip extensions please call the office to discuss everything in more detail.

"Ultimate Bali" Price: TBA
Duration: 1 week

Bali Combo trip - adventure tour around Bali with diving in Menjungan and Tulamben.Full details coming soon. New for 2014.

Find out more...

"Lazy Liveaboard and Komodo Dragons" Price: £1,450
Duration: 7 days

1 week liveaboard to Komodo - incredible diving and your chance to experience Komodo Dragons! When you're not diving just relax and enjoy the tranquility on board the boat. Fully inclusive trip!

Find out more...

"GoPro - Divemaster Hero!" Price: £1,010
Duration: 6 weeks

Extend your stay and train to become a dive professional. Spend an additonal 6 weeks further-developing your skills to a high level so that you are qualified to start earning money working as a dive guide / Divemaster. A popular bolt-on. Price includes accommodation, unlimited diving, kit use, internship and all your DM materials!

Find out more...

"Master Eco Diver" Price: £1,085
Duration: 2 weeks

This is a 2-week extension which offers our customers the chance to really hone in and focus on PADI Project AWARE conservation initiatives. Customers complete 5 x PADI Project AWARE specialities, including Shark Conservation and spend additional time working on the Biorocks. An ideal conservation extension and customers can apply for Master Scuba Diver status afterwards.

Find out more...

"Eco Internship" Price: £595
Duration: 2 weeks

Spend an additional 2 weeks' using your new Biorock skills. There are over 50 Biorocks around the Gili Islands which need maintaining and volunteers are always required. Extension includes accommodation, diving, conservation and any research equipment.

Find out more...
Ask a Question Download Trip Notes (PDF)

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The standard / base trip is higlighted in green. Components listed below this are optional and can be added-on as desired when booking your trip.

Component Price Duration
Biorock Conservation and PADI Training £1,755 4 weeks
"Ultimate Bali" £TBA 1 week
"Lazy Liveaboard and Komodo Dragons" £1,450 1 week
"GoPro - Divemaster Hero" £1,010 6 weeks
"Master Eco Diver" £1,085 2 weeks
"Eco Internship" £595 2 weeks

Travel Essentials

A few helpful pointers. We also provide a comprehensive 'travel pack' after you book your place which provides some really good advice.


Flights are not included and it is your responsibility to book flights. There aren’t direct flights from UK to Indonesia, so you’ll most likely have to travel via a South East Asian city en route to Denpasar! You should check out British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Thai Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Air Aisa, Korean Air, Malaysian Airlines, KLM and Qatar Airlines for sample flights.

Guideline Prices

Return flights from London Heathrow to Denpasar (DPS) or Lombok (LOP) typically cost from £750 (low season) to £1,100 (high season). Please call the GYT team on 0844 560 9958 for a quotation.


All guests are picked-up at Denpasar airport and taken to the Tara Rooms hotel in Legian. Everyone stays one night here before being picked-up the following day (around 7:45am) and taken by speedboat to Gili Trawangan. At the end of the trip all customers are taken back to mainland Bali for their return flight or onward travels.


Visas are required for UK nationals entering Indonesia. A standard tourist visa can be obtained on arrival but only for a specific short period (30 days). If you’re staying over 30 days then you will be required to obtain a 60 day tourist visa before departure. If you’re staying for over 60 days then you will have to renew your visa in Indonesia (we provide assistance with this) and a social visa is better.


You should arrange a visit to your doctor or travel clinic to receive the latest health advice and arrange immunisations. Some immunisations require a series of injections, so this visit should be arranged about 3 months before your departure. We also ask you to complete a medical form before departure.

Housing and Accommodation

We sleep everyone in single sex dorm-style accommodation. There are two beds per room (so you share with a maximum of one other person) but you can also upgrade to something a little more sophisticated if required. Showers and toilets are generally shared between three people. The accommodation is on-site adjacent to the restaurant, dive centre and beach. 

Food, Drink and Meals

We do not offer meals as standard. We encourage our customers to eat out and support local businesses as there are many establishments on the island which offer a variety of food.  If you’d rather pay for everything up front then we can also offer 3 meals a day. This would mean that breakfast, lunch and dinner would be provided at the dive centre. You would need to contact us to discuss this option in more detail.

PADI Materials

All PADI materials are included in any price quoted and are given to you when you are on Gili Trawangan.


All recreational PADI fees are included with course costs. If you complete any professional level training then PADI fees are not included and they need to be paid directly to PADI by debit / credit card.


Things are pretty cheap on the island. We would recommend a budget of around $10-$15 per day for food. You will find that your money goes a long way but it depends how much socialising you like to do!

Ask a Question Download Trip Notes (PDF)

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New website 2013-2014

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Discounted diving equipment

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Dive Level Chart

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