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Plan, plan & plan some more...

To get the most out of your gap year, careful planning in advance pays dividends. Places on our expeditions can often fill-up quickly and applications need to be received well in advance to guarantee a place.

What we have compiled below is a list of things you should consider when planning your gap year diving experience with us. Focusing on these factors will assist with your time management and preparation for your gap year so that you aren't making last-minute enquiries in an attempt to fill a spot (if any are available).

Start Planning

Step 1: Decide what you want to do

You will see from our website that we offer a variety of expeditions around the world. Do you want to train to become a dive professional? Do you want to learn about marine conservation? Do you want adventure as well as diving? Do you want to learn a language as well as dive? Or do you just want a short break to see what it's all about? Deciding what type of diving you wish to do is the first first step. This will allow you to think clearly and focus on the expeditions that interest you most.

Step 2: Research the programme

Use our website, download information packs / handbooks, build your profile and create a shortlist of expeditions that interest you. Decide if the expedition is right for you, make some notes and get in touch. We are here to answer all your questions!

Step 3: Plan your finances

After speaking with us and asking your questions, you should know which expedition you would like to do. All you now need to do is a little financial planning. Understanding how much money you need to raise should give you an indicator about when you can realistically commit to an expedition. Remember that we only need a £250 to secure your place with the balance payable 60 days before departure.

Step 4: Commit to a programme

Once you've got an idea about when you want to go you should confirm your place online. Popular expeditions can fill-up quickly and commitment on your part is necessary to secure a place. Without your booking we cannot guarantee a spot and online booking often closes 60-90 days before departure.

Step 5: Relax, get in touch and prepare

Your commitment to a programme will actually be a weight off your shoulders! You'll know what you're doing, when you're going and you won't have to research anymore! You will know what you need to achieve to make your trip possible and you can start preparing for an adventure of a lifetime! 

Any questions?

We have first-hand knowledge of each destination. We therefore welcome any calls or e-mails from you about your expeditions or destinations whilst you are preparing for your trip.

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