'Red Sea Odyssey'

  • See the Pyramids, Sphinx, Valley of the Kings etc
  • Great diving conditions throughout the year
  • Dive training from beginner to Instructor available

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  • Dive Group at Canyon - Dahab

    Dive Group at Canyon - Dahab

  • Fun dives - nice clear water :-)

    Fun dives - nice clear water :-)

  • Tomb of Tutankhamun

    Tomb of Tutankhamun

  • Felucca - Swim in Nile

    Felucca - Swim in Nile

  • Camels by Red Sea

    Camels by Red Sea

  • Wreck Diving - Ghiannis D

    Wreck Diving - Ghiannis D

  • Abu Simbel - 1 day optional tour

    Abu Simbel - 1 day optional tour

  • DM trainees on dive boat

    DM trainees on dive boat

  • IDC - new instructors!!

    IDC - new instructors!!

  • Pod of Dolphins

    Pod of Dolphins

Trips October 2013 - March 2014

We will be offering a revised itinerary for start dates during this period which excludes the tour through Egypt (week 2 of itinerary) for your safety. Revised prices are on our booking system for these dates. Diving and excursions in Dahab and the Red Sea remain unaffected.

Overview / Summary

The Red Sea - one of the best diving destinations!

This is our flagship expedition. We've been running trips to Egypt for nearly 8 years and our new and improved 2013/4 itinerary aims to provide our customers with a real adventure!

The trip starts in Dahab with PADI training, fun dives and a camel trek before making its way to Cairo for an amazing week of sun, fun and culture. After the tour there's more incredible diving in Ras Mohamed National Park, wreck diving on the Thistlegorm and more advanced PADI training to get you certified to a high recreational level. There's loads going on!

Highlights of the tour include The Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza as well as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. After an overnight sleeper train to the Upper Nile region the tour takes our 'gappies' to Abu Simbel, Karnak, Luxor, Aswan, The valley of The Kings and King Tutankhamun's tomb. If the wonders of the ancient world aren't enough then there's always the Nile Felucca to chill out, relax and enjoy Egypt! 

This trip is action-packed with plenty of diving, experiences and voyages around this ancient land which you'll remember forever!

Please note that our revised itinerary does not include the tour through Egypt.

Trip Components

We have our 'core package' which should be suitable for most diving abilities. We also offer a range of 'bolt-ons' so that you can make the most of the experience and hone in on areas that interest you most.

The Red Sea - one of the best diving destinations!
Base Price: £860
Base Duration: 2 weeks +
Suitability: All levels

PADI Training - Career Development Centre

We offer a wide range of PADI courses out here in Egypt from beginner to Instructor. As part of our core package we only focus on the recreational courses from beginner to Rescue Diver. Offering these courses ensures that all our customers get certified to a reasonable recreational level during their stay and can add-on further recreational courses as well as professional level internships after the 3-week trip has ended.

Guideline table showing what diving is available to you during the trip according to your current level. = recommended diving activitiy and included as standard. = possibility to complete if exchanged with other courses / recreational diving. = Available as extension - see bolt-ons.
Dive Activity Beginner Open Water Advanced Rescue +
Open Water
Advanced OW
First Aid Course
Rescue Diver
PADI Specs.
Fun Dives 6 10 14 24
Pro Courses Available to bolt-on after core trip

GoPro Extensions - 100% success rate!

If you're looking for reliable and professional Divemaster and Instructor traineeships then you've come to the right place. Our Divemaster Traineeships span 6 weeks and include a unique 10-day work experience module whilst our career package spans 7 weeks and includes a really great Dive Management module amongst other courses. Please check-out our bolt-ons to find out more about our legendary traineeships.

Diving The Red Sea - Fun Dives

The Red Sea is quite simply beautiful. The diving conditions are excellent through the year with warm, crystal clear waters. In the water it's like diving in a giant tropical fish tank. There are fish and corals everywhere! There are quite literally thousands of different species to see in these tropical waters including dolphins, sharks, manta rays, seahorses, eagle rays, turtles, eels, anemone fish, slugs, octopus, crabs, lobsters and so much more. Honestly, there is so much to see you had better buy a fish identification book before you come out as you'll always be asking 'what was that I just saw?'.

Explore Egypt!

The Red Sea is one thing but the ancient lands of Egypt are another. Why come to Egypt and not see these magnificent ancient wonders? Our standard trip therefore includes the most amazing tour around Egypt. Starting in Cairo you will see the Pyramids and Sphinx before  making your way South. In the Upper Nile area there are thousands of tombs, wonderful temples, incredible hieroglyphics and so many amazing experiences to be had. Please read the full itinerary to find out more. 

Please note that our revised 2-week itinerary from October 2013 to March 2014 does not include the tour through Egypt.

Local Adventure

Around Dahab there are some pretty cool things to do as well. It's pretty rugged and baron in the Sinai mountain range but we've included some 'must-do' activities as part of the itinerary. 

During your first week you'll get to ride a camel to a remote dive site. Here it is very private and the diving is worth the trip. Expect unspilt corals, fish you wouldn't normally see and even experience a Bedouin lunch!

In the third week we take a day to travel to the Red Sea's most famous shipwreck - The SS Thistlegorm. Carrying guns, tanks, locomotives, bikes, trucks, jeeps and many more WWII artifacts; the wreck is 'must-dive' during your stay. After 2 dives on the wreck we also take you to Ras Mohamed National Park. Voted as one of the top 10 dive sites in the world for too many years to count, we're pretty sure that you'll finish the day with a smile on your face.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself!

So you've made it to Egypt. You've dived the Red Sea and seen all the ancient sites. What else can you do? We suggest you use some of the time to relax and enjoy yourself. Around dives and on the tour there is ample time to enjoy the views, soak up some rays or do some more adventurous activities too. We generally hear good things about Dahab's bars too - so don't forget to experience the nightlife with live DJ's, great food and cold beers! Cheers!

Need to know more?

If you need to know everything then we suggest you download the PDF. This contains all the course info, inclusions, exclusions, travel tips etc. And if that's not enough you can always call us and we'll happily talk through the 'Red Sea Odyssey' with you.

Guideline Itinerary


To give you an idea about the structure of the expedition please see the guideline itinerary below:

Day 1 Arrival: Arrive Saturday or Sunday and transfer to Dahab from Sharm el Sheikh.

Days 2 – 5: Dive Training
Dive training and recreational diving in Dahab. The courses you do during this time very much depends on your current dive level. For beginners it might be the PADI Open Water course whilst for Advanced divers it would be a mixture of PADI training towards Rescue Diver and recreational diving.

Day 6: Camel Safari
Today we get up at a reasonable hour (about 7am) and head up to the Blue Hole by jeep to join our camels! Bring a book and some sunscreen for the 1.5 hour ride through the desert towards Ras Abu Galum where you will dive twice on some prestine reefs. The corals are beautiful and there is an abundance of marine life. There's a Bedouin lunch provided and a chance to relax, swim and snorkel before heading back to Dahab.Camel Safari

Day 7 - Travel to Cairo
(Please note days 7 to 14 are currently not being offered and we are offering a revised 2-week itinerary. Continue to day 15.)

Today we travel by minibus to Cairo. The journey takes about 6 hours and we try and stop at 

the Suez Canal en-route to take some pictures. Upon arrival into Cairo we will negotiate the traffic and get to the hotel for overnight. The rest of the day is free for exploring Egypt’s buzzing capital. Overnight - Cairo

Day 8: Pyramids & Egyptian Museum (Cairo to Aswan overnight train)
Huge day out today, starting at the fascinating Egyptian Museum. You’ll see the awesome treasures of King Tutankhamen and then head over to Egypt’s most famous land marks, the wonderful Pyramids and lion headed Sphinx of Giza. Did you know that the Pyramids are the sole survivors from the ancient wonders of the world? This is pretty amazing and they certainly live up to the hype! Tonight we take the overnight seater train south to Aswan Overnight - Seater Train to Aswan (B). 

Day 9: Aswan
Aswan awaits! Today you’ll have the option to visit Agilika Island where you’ll get to tour the Philae temple as well as enjoying a fantastic Nubian dinner. Otherwise you’ll have a free day to relax and explore Egypt's most southern city with its amazing colourful souks and glorious sunsets over the River Nile. Overnight - Aswan (B)

Day 10: Abu Simbel & Felucca Cruising
This morning you can take the option to visit the massive rock cut temple of Abu Simbel. This temple is possibly the most breath taking temple in all ancient Egypt. A gigantic rock–cut façade greets you and Abu Simbel is most definitely a testament to the might and power of the most revered ruler Ramses II. 

Day 11: Felucca Sailing


No rush to do anything this morning as we continue sailing down the Nile. You’ll enjoy spectacular views, as we drift down Africa’s longest river. Why not jump in for a refreshing swim or sunbathe on the deck? This afternoon simply chill out with a few beers and by night sleep out under a romantic blanket of stars! Lunch, dinner & overnight felucca. Overnight - Felucca Cruise (B, L, D)

Day 12: Kom Ombo - Edfu - Luxor
Kom Ombo - Edfu - Luxor. Alas today is our last day aboard our wonderful felucca. No need to worry though as we start the next exciting part of the adventure with an informative guided tour of the waterside Temple of Kom Ombo. Another quick cruise taking us further down the Nileto the Temple of Horus at Edfu en-route to the ancient capital of Thebes. At over 4000 years old Thebes (Luxor) is a living museum and the jewel in Egypt's archaeological crown. 

Tonight we include a guided tour of the grand Luxor Temple – spectacularly illuminated by thousands of shining spotlights. Shafts of artificial light stream from the mammoth columns and intricately carved lintels. The pure architectural brilliance of this ancient temple is gloriously magnified with dramatic effect. You’ll also be lucky enough to visit this temple at night as it is the only one in Egypt that offers this pleasure and we have no doubt it will soon become one of your favourites!. Overnight - Luxor (B)


Day 13: Valley of the Kings (Luxor-Cairo overnight train)
Early start today as we jump aboard a motor boat over to Luxor's West Bank and the imposing Temple of Hatshepsut. Later on we visit the legendary Valley of the Kings and there are options here to take a classic donkey ride to the huge pair of statues know as the Colossi of Memnon. If you're up for an experience of a lifetime then why not try hot air ballooning over ancient Thebes beforehand - it's simply amazing at sunrise! 

This afternoon we have time to relax before visiting the colossal Temple of Karnak. Here you can get lost in the stone-columned Hypostle Hall and take loads of cool pictures. This evening is time to head back to Cairo as we take our second overnight train back up north. Overnight - Seater Train to Cairo (B)

Day 14: Khan el Khalili Bazaar
Luxor - Cairo. An early arrival into Cairo and a free day to explore. Why not visit the famous Khan-al-Khalili bazaar to barter for souvenirs, belly dancing costumes and spices! Or you can join us on an optional city tour visiting Islamic Cairo, the Citadel and Mosque of Salladin, the Coptic area and the Hanging Church Overnight - Cairo (B)

Day 15: Minibus back to Dahab. No diving. Maybe Bedouin dinner or BBQ.
After breakfast it's back in the minibus to Dahab. We stop on the way to grab some lunch and you should be back in town by around 3pm for some light refreshments!

Days 16-17:
Dive training and fun dives

Day 18: Thistlegorm day trip
Up early for minibus to Sharm where you board a boat to take us to the most famous shipwreck in the Red Sea - The SS Thistlegorm.

Day 19: Dive training and fun dives
Dive training completes and we do some extra special fun dives and races  in the bay.

Day 20:
Half day diving. We'll ask around the day before and find out where everyone wants to go diving on their last day. If everyone is ready early then we'll get two dives done today otherwise it will just be the one. So get organised and make it two! Around lunch we get back to the centre to clean kit and pack everything up before the last day. We've been know to throw a few good parties...so maybe prepare for your last night in Dahab too...

Day 21: END...or is it THE END?
It's sad to say but the trip has come to an end. If you've added-on some additional trips and dive courses then we'll see you in the dive centre, otherwise it's packing the bags and saying goodbye before we take you back to the airport in Sharm el Sheikh. We hope to see you again soon!

Great trip extensions

Become a Divemaster, train to become a Scuba Instructor or extend your stay with one of our other great activities. If you have any questions please call the office.

Rescue and Medic Price: £405
Duration: 1 week

If you join the trip as a beginner or an Open Water diver there is not time to complete rescue and safety skills, so you may wish to add-on this 1-week first aid pack. It includes the PADI EFR course, PADI Rescue Diver course and an educational trip to the chamber. If you want to go on to Divemaster then this is a pre-requisite package.

Find out more...

Master Diver Price: £860
Duration: 2 weeks

Want to specialise in specific areas of diving? Want to be an advanced diver but don't want to go down the professional Divemaster route? This 2-week extension allows you to choose 5 speciality courses and log up to the required 50 dives to certify as a Master Scuba Diver. This extension is a natural progression from where the 3-week trip ends and is ideal for all diving levels. Medic and Rescue pack required.

Find out more...

Divemaster Traineeship Price: £1,215
Duration: 6 weeks

Our flagship Divemaster traineeship. Since 2006 we have sent 100's to train in The Red Sea and everyone has succeeded. Training is through a PADI Career Development Centre and you also get our unique 10-day Divemaster work experience module for good measure. Unlimited diving too!

Find out more...

Dive Management and Instructor Traineeship Price: £2,025
Duration: 7 weeks

This is as good as it gets! The package includes a unique dive management module, EFR Instructor, Assistant Instructor, OWSI, IDC prep, IDC, EFR Instructor, MSDT prep and at least 3 weeks of team teach. And with unlimited diving and complimentary kit hire, this really is a career-changing option. Divemaster certification required. Not available to beginners.

Find out more...
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The standard / base trip is higlighted in green. Components listed below this are optional and can be added-on as desired when booking your trip.

Component Price Duration
The Red Sea - one of the best diving destinations! £860 2 weeks
Rescue and Medic pack £405 1 week
Master Scuba Diver £860 2 weeks
Divemaster Traineeship £1,215 6 weeks
Instructor Traineeship £2,025 7 weeks

Travel Essentials

A few helpful pointers. We also provide a comprehensive 'travel pack' after you book your place which provides some really good advice.


There are regular flights to Egypt every day of the week. Direct flights operate to Sharm el Sheikh and Cairo from many UK international airports. Easyjet, British Airways, Egypt Air, Thomson and Thomas Cook are just a few of the airlines operating to Egypt. Flights are also available via Europe.

Guideline Prices

Return flights to Sharm el Sheikh typically cost from £270 (low season) to £550 (high season). Please call the GYT team on 0844 560 9958 for a quotation.


All transfers are provided between Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab. The journey time is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour each way.


All British Nationals require a visa to enter Egypt. You can pick-up a visa stamp either before you leave from the Egyptian Embassy in London or upon arrival in Sharm el Sheikh airport - your choice! A visa will set you back £15.00 and must be paid in cash. If you go for longer than 30 days we recommend either a 60-day or multiple entry visa (90-day validity). Visas can be extended from within Egypt easily.


A signed PADI medical form is required before you can dive. A copy of this form is available upon request and it can be downloaded from within the customer area once you have booked.

Housing and Accommodation

We are currently using a local hotel in the centre of town whilst we source a new divers' lodge for our customers. Rooms are either twin or singles equipped with air-conditioning, fridge, en-suite bathroom and 24 hour security. There is no additional charge for this upgrade whilst we source the new lodge.

Food, Drink and Meals

Please support local businesses. Eating out in cheap and you can expect to pay around £2.00 for a sandwich at lunch and around £2.00 to £4.00 for dinner. Snacks, soft drinks (50p/can), water (10p/litre) and beer (£1/bottle) are cheap!

PADI Materials

All PADI materials are provided and included with any price and any course. Depending on the courses you choose, these will be made available either in Egypt or delivered to your home address before you leave.


New 2013/2014: Up to 2 recreational PADI fees are included in the standard trip. All additional recreational fees need to be paid for locally and cost around £20 per course completed. This essentially means that if you do lots of additional courses in exchange for recreational diving then there will be some fees to pay for locally. Additional recreational course fees for certification typically cost around £20. Extension for DM and IDC training do not include professional fees and these need to be paid directly to PADI. Professional fees start from £68. Please download the handbook for more information about PADI fees as they change each year.


Dahab is pretty cheap. Whilst on tour you should expect to provide around $70 for misc. fees to parks and museums. There is also a kitty when on tour which are expected to contribute to upon arrival. When in Dahab the lifestyle in relaxed and pretty cheap. We recommend £50-£70 per week for living expenses.

Ask a Question Download Trip Notes (PDF)

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New website 2013-2014

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Discounted diving equipment

Discounted diving equipment

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Dive Level Chart

22 July 2013 Dive tables for each expedition so you can clearly see what is available according to your dive level.



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